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Who We Are

For the past 25 years, over 10,000 students from 85 different countries have attended our affiliate ESL school. Helping our international students enroll in our classes revealed firsthand the administrative and legal complexities of visiting the United States. Drawing from our experience in enrolling our international students and recognizing an opportunity to provide a meaningful service, we established an immigration counseling office.

Utah Immigration Counseling Service is committed to managing the immigrant/nonimmigrant needs of all our clients. To do so, our team will assist you with completing official documents, filing various forms, and securing any additional required material. Our staff understand the intricacies that arise in the immigrant/nonimmigrant processes and will devote careful and exclusive attention to each case.

Our promise is to manage each case professionally, individually, and prudently. We commit to ensure the fair treatment of all our clients and pledge our skills, abilities, and experience to resolving your immigration needs.

Why Us

For many clients, cost is a key factor when considering an immigration adviser. As an authorized immigration consulting office, we are able to provide more budget-friendly services when compared to immigration law firms. 

While offering affordable services, we maintain all standards and regulations established by USCIS. Enrolling thousands of international students into our ESL school has made us intimately aware of the administrative procedures to visit and stay in the United States. With our acquired expertise, we can ensure the accurate completion and submission of your immigration forms.

With quality services, our team’s language skills can help individuals from many different backgrounds.

Immigration Counseling Couple
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